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Brooch Bouquets by Prophecii

Our Handcrafted Brooch Bouquets Ireland

Here at Prophecii, we design the most beautiful and bespoke brooch bouquets that are handcrafted and unique to add that extra magical touch to your special day. If you are looking for brooch bouquets Ireland, then Prophecii is the company for you. 


We ship our unique, handcrafted bouquets all over the world including Brooch Bouquets Ireland. While there’s no doubt fresh flowers for a wedding bouquet are timeless, our designs of brooch bouquets are that much more appealing because they hold many characteristics that fresh flowers just can’t give you.   

The class and uniqueness of brooch bouquets stand out from a crowd as they are hand crafted and tailored specifically to how you want it, you can even include your own keepsake, meaning not a single person will have one identical to yours. This makes them the perfect timeless piece for a family heirloom due to the bespoke and one-of-a-kind nature of the bouquets.  

In addition, unlike fresh flowers, brooch bouquets Ireland have no shelf life, meaning they can be passed down to generations to come or even reused for other special occasions such as Christenings, wedding anniversaries or graduations.  

You can feel assured that when you own a Prophecii brooch bouquet you are taking away a piece that is handcrafted with immense detail, love, and affection, leaving a legacy of memories and magic. 

 Made up of jewels, gems, pearls, flowing fabrics, shells, and vintage jewellery, also available in heart, teardrop, and posy shaped designs we definitely have the style of brooch bouquet you are looking for!  

However classic, extravagant, or plain you would like it to look, we have a wide variety of choice that you can look at and decide what works best for you.  View our selection of brooch bouquets Ireland here, and what we have to offer.  


Brooch Bouquet Prophecii

Why Prophecii For Your Brooch Bouquets Ireland?

At Prophecii, we aim to make the most perfect wedding gift, offering an eye catching, unique, long lasting product that can stay in the family for years to come, unlike the alternative fresh flowers. Not only dbrooch bouquets boast a statement piece to your wedding day, but they also give you a keep sake that you can treasure forever.  

When walking down the aisle, the first two things everyone notices are the dress and the bouquet and while you’re walking towards your future, it’s the bouquet that’s being held in front of your dress and therefore the thing everyone’s eyes are initially drawn to. For this reason, its important to make sure your bouquet is one that nobody will forget. We offer shipping for brooch bouquets Ireland and worldwide so no matter where you are, we can get our beautiful bouquets  to you so that you have a beautiful brooch bouquet for your special day! 


Find out more about my story and how Prophecii got started including the love and commitment that goes into making your brooch wedding bouquet. 


To find out more about our beautiful brooch bouquets Ireland or discuss how we can help you achieve a timeless, classic keepsake for your special day, get in touch here or email us at