Married couple wedding bouquet made of brooches

Brooch Wedding Bouquets


 Looking for something unique, handmade, and simply magical for your wedding day? Prophecii have got you covered with their glittering wedding brooch bouquets. Prophecii was born out of wonder, fairy tale fantasies, and a passion to share that with brides on their special day.


Brooch bouquets are up and coming, they’re new, quirky and make the perfect wedding bouquet alternative. In the last year, there has been a significant rise in handmade products, sustainable fashion and supporting small businesses, and at Prophecii we are all for it! Brooch bouquets are basically what it says in the title; a glistening collage of brooches put together to make a bouquet.


brooch bouquet

Why Prophecii?

  • At Prophecii we offer worldwide shipping for your ease, so unlike real flowers you don’t have to worry about shops being too far away, or your flowers dying or becoming damaged in transit.
  • You are purchasing an heirloom when you buy a brooch wedding bouquet. They are made to last with high-end craftmanship and can be passed down the generations.
  • We stock multiple sizes and shapes to suit your dress and frame. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better and a smaller brooch bouquet will highlight your beauty the same as a large bouquet! However, we do have showstoppers for those who want bigger!
  • We offer fair prices for our brooch wedding bouquets because we want everyone to have a magical day whatever the cost.
  • All our products are handmade and completely unique meaning no one else in the world will have your brooch bouquet.
  • We are a small creative business that appreciates every order we receive, and we can’t wait to be part of your special day.

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