Married couple wedding bouquet made of brooches

Wedding Restrictions Eased

I think it is fair to say that no one could have ever imagined or predicted the last 12 months with the nightmare that has been COVID-19, and for happy couples with weddings planned and newly engaged couples excited to begin planning their big day, it all came to a halt.

With Spring and Summer fast approaching and still not a Bride and Groom insight, the peak wedding season was not looking hopeful.  However…….. begin the drum roll…………… the government have recently announced that COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted with wedding ceremonies being addressed.


From 29th March onwards, up to six people can attend a wedding in any circumstances. That limit includes the couple.

From no earlier than 12th April, up to 15 people will be allowed to attend a wedding ceremony and reception, potentially rising to 30 from 17th May.

From 21st June at the earliest, the government aims to remove all limits on social contact, including lifting all wedding restrictions.

(Note: These are dependent on the outcome of government event pilots starting in April.)


With this good news it now can only mean one thing…….wedding planning and Prophecii are ready and waiting to help you with your big day with our show-stopping brooch bouquets.

If you are looking for something a little bit different from traditional flower bouquets, our brooch bouquets are a unique and striking way to accessorise your wedding day look.

Prophecii Brooch Bouquets will hold a special place on your wedding day and will draw admiring glances and whispers as they leave your guests in star-struck awe. The sparkle and bling will look just as stunning in daylight as well as enchantingly mysterious after dark. These products are definitely statement pieces that are not shy of demanding your attention on your big day.


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