Jewelled Brooch Bouquets

Love of fantasy and magic, as well as the beautiful ways that jewellery and stones may express these things, served as the inspiration for Prophecii. We really hope that you will value our jewelled brooch bouquets even more than we do.

Jewelled Brooch Bouquets For Your Big Day

Prophecii wants to assist you in planning the fairytale wedding of your dreams by providing you with a jewelled brooch bouquet that will last a lifetime. Each brooch is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and made to order. We carefully choose the suitable brooches, each with its own story and distinctive qualities, to craft spectacular portable fantasy.

Whether you are planning a pastel wedding, an autumnal wedding, or perhaps a colourful and diversified wedding, Prophecii will create a Jewelled Brooch Bouquets to meet you and your specific tastes. We provide sensual reds, passionate pinks, ethereal silvers, and regal golds to accentuate the splendour of your special day.

An typical bridal flower arrangement costs between £150 and £300 and, at most, lasts a few days. For the same money, you might get one of our Jewelled Brooch Bouquets, which would last for generations as an heirloom and a keepsake. You’ll appear to have just emerged from a fairy tale as you go down the aisle because to your sparkling item.

Each component is painstakingly created and beautifully fashioned into a heart, teardrop, or posy shaped design based on your specifications. The distinctiveness of each Jewelled Brooch Bouquet ensures that no one else will own the same brooch as you.

Unique Brooch wedding Bouquet Alternatives

We offer everything you need if you want something special for your wedding. Just for you, we try to convey the attraction and enchantment from fairy tales and fables. Prophecii is aware that other significant events in our life can also necessitate the use of a little magic as well as love. Jewelled brooch bouquets are also available for Christenings, Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, and Funerals. Send us an email at and then allow us to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Since they are frequently the same price as flowers but stay far longer, brides-to-be are selecting a Jewelled Brooch Bouquet over flowers. You may get a Jewelled Brooch Bouquet and prevent bringing on hay fever on your most important day while also obtaining a piece of art that will be passed down through the generations.

A Jewelled Brooch Bouquet helps reduce the stress of selecting and collecting flowers if you’re organising a wedding because your bouquet will be prepared and shipped. With a Jewelled Brooch Bouquet, you may prevent any unpleasant surprises. A bride’s biggest fear is having her things delivered on her wedding day and finding out they aren’t what she expected.

Our Jewelled Brooch Bouquets

Here at Prophecii, we offer a variety of opulent and finely crafted Jewelled brooch bouquets, including heart-shaped, teardrop-shaped, and round bouquets.

View our selection of distinctive brooch bouquets.