The day of your wedding is a day you will Rember for the rest of your life. Making memories with your family and friends, Keepsakes from your special day are something you will want to keep forever, and the brooch bouquet is always a perfect idea. 

A gorgeous brooch bouquet for your wedding is the glamourous detail you don’t want to miss out on! And certainly, don’t worry if you’re unsure if it’ll match your wedding theme, we have plenty of designs to choose from. Here is some of our favourite wedding bouquet ideas! 

gold and cream heart shaped brooch bouquet

Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas 

Are you lucky enough to be having your wedding by the sea? The ocean is a beautiful backdrop for performing your vows, as well as an aesthetic theme for your wedding.  

You could walk down the beach with a stunning silver and blue brooch bouquet, pairing perfectly with the blue of the ocean. 

Another of our wedding bouquet ideas for a beach location, is our teardrop brooch bouquets for a more subtle representation of the ocean. 

Valentine’s Wedding Bouquet Ideas 

During the love season that is February, a wedding when love is in the air is ideal for a pink and red themed wedding. For a Valentine’s wedding, there’s so many wedding bouquet ideas we have for you to carry down the aisle.  

Our collection of brooch bouquets has a dazzling red and white wedding bouquet, that’s even shaped as a heart! This would be a lovely edition for your romantic Valentine’s wedding. 

Brooch Bouquet Prophecii

We also have a bold pink and silver round brooch bouquet, for those making the choice to have bright colours in their love wedding.  

There’s also a more subtle pink and silver wedding bouquet, with softer pink jewelry embedded in the brooch bouquet, and there’s various shapes available, as pink and silver is one of our most popular choices! 


heart shaped silver jewel brooch bouquet

White Wedding Bouquet Ideas 

There’s always going to be the classic wedding theme of a wonderful white wedding. It’s been the traditional choice for centuries, and an enchanting theme, no matter the time of year. Equally, we have some classy wedding bouquet ideas for a classic wedding. 

An elegant choice from our collection is our silver brooch bouquets, there’s a heart shaped bouquet but in a variety of different designs. There’s also a beautiful design with pearls in the bouquet, keeping to the theme of a white wedding! 

A further wedding bouquet idea, for the addition of a splash of colour, we have a peach and silver brooch bouquet in the shape of a heart. 

We hope our wedding bouquet ideas are plenty of inspiration for what you wish for at your dream wedding. Get in touch to discuss which wedding brooch bouquet would be your perfect style! 

Whatever wedding bouquet you decide on, make sure to show your personality while expressing your love. If you’re ready to support a small business and purchase something completely unique for your wedding, browse Prophecii’s collection today.