It’s been a difficult year for many couples, with weddings, honeymoons and engagement parties being cancelled and postponed, but it’s important to keep looking forward and planning for the future. A lot of brides to be have spent this time doing extra planning, rethinking their theme, and adding that special handmade touch with the help of small businesses and close friends.

More than ever it is important to support creatives and small businesses, and there are many ways you can do that while planning for your special day. By supporting independent businesseses, you are receiving something beautiful and unique, and helping someone fulfill their dream, win win. A great way to do this for your wedding is by looking for wedding bouquet alternatives.

Why Brooch Bouquets?

Brooch bouquets are incredibly convenient at a time like this, as once purchased you are good to go, with no worry of having to reorder bouquets and wasting money if there are more unfortunate delays and postponed dates.

You can purchase these magical bouquets to match your theme perfectly, they come in various sizes and colours to suit both a minimal wedding and an extravagant one, and all handmade by independent creatives. Brooch bouquets come encrusted with jewels, pearls and of course brooches!

Brooch Bouquet Prophecii

Heart Brooch Bouquet

These romantic brooch bouquets weigh around 500g to 1kg with a 5.5 inch handle. They are great for a more minimal wedding, as they are smaller but still add that hint of magic and glamour that we all want at our wedding. The heart shape is a classic sign of love, and what better way to express it than to carry it down the aisle.

Brooch Bouquet Prophecii

Round Brooch Bouquet

The round brooch bouquet is a classic shape reminiscent of the traditional bouquet of flowers many brides carry. They are generally heavier than the heart brooch bouquets, weighing 1kg to 1.5kg, with the same length handle. This is a beautiful classic that works perfectly with a white or ivory dress as it exudes elegance and charm.

Brooch Bouquet Prophecii

Teardrop Brooch Bouquet

This showstopper brooch bouquet is typically the heaviest, and biggest! They can weight from 1kg to 3kg with a handle length of 6.5 inches. For those that want all eyes on them, the teardrop brooch bouquet is a must have. Encompassing regality and true fairy-tail mystique, they can contain pearls, gems, and ribbons, that all reflect the light.

Whatever wedding bouquet you decide on, make sure to show your personality while expressing your love. If you’re ready to support a small business and purchase something completely unique for your wedding, browse Prophecii’s collection today.