What is a Brooch Bouquet?

A brooch bouquet is handcrafted using jewels and gemstones, which are put together to create a magical bouquet that can be held as a wedding accessory – or used in many other ceremonies or receptions. Brooch Bouquets are one of the best things you can add to your special day and give you a beautiful hint of glimmer to your day. A Brooch Bouquet is a great addition to your day because you’ll never forget having something slightly different and unique incorporated into your day.

How is a Brooch Bouquet Made?

A brooch bouquet is created by collating beautiful jewels and stones together, in an intricate style to form a bouquet shape. Due to the rounded shape of a brooch bouquet, there is a range of different styles, colors, and gemstones to add to the spherical canvas.

What are the Benefits of a Brooch Bouquet?

  • They won’t die and wilt as flowers will, and the only maintenance involved is making sure they are shiny and kept somewhere safe.
  • They are 100% handcrafted, adding that personal touch to your magical bouquet
  • They are also completely unique, with there being absolutely no wedding accessory like it on the market
  • Brooch Bouquets are also completely customizable meaning you can totally choose which colours and styles you want for your brooch bouquet.


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