If we’ve learned anything in the past two years, with numerous cancellations and constant postponements – it’s to expect the totally unexpected. One thing the past two years have not been…is predictable. Your summer wedding may have been rearranged into winter weddings – or perhaps you’re keen to snap up the opportunity to make your wedding happen ASAP this winter – after the numerous COVID postponements and disappointments.

The ‘winter’ aspect of a winter wedding is something you can really run with and make it beautiful!

There are lots of pros to having a winter wedding! You can use the frosty scenery to your advantage – with nature providing your beautiful white setting for you.

The weather isn’t too much of a gamble – because you already know it’s going to be chilly outside. This means cosy heated venues, and plenty of mulled wine and hot tasty food.

We’ve got some gorgeous options for winter brooch bouquets, so you can glisten as you walk down the aisle.

Festive wedding? Match the deep red colour of berries outside and a rouge tint of a Robin’s chest, with our stunning heart shaped Red and White Brooch Bouquet.

Or perhaps you’re after a beautiful winter blue colour – which you can achieve with our Round Silver & Blue Brooch Bouquet.

Alternatively, have a look at our stunning range of Brooch Bouquets which all glisten beautifully! All our Bouquets are completely handmade with attention to detail. If you’re interested in our handmade Brooch Bouquets, then drop Prophecii an email to info@prophecii.com.